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We take pride in becoming turnkey and then strategic partners by enabling our clients by making technology work at speed of business.


From Underwriting to Statutory and Statistical Analytics


Systems Integration from OSS to BSS

Banking & Finance

Open-Banking, Data Lakes & Highly Personalized Decision Support Workflows


We have partnered with our clients providing solutions around a wide range of property, causality, specialty insurance. Our services include custom product development, third-party integration with vendor products and in-house developed solutions, across various business verticals. Our solutions and services span across various insurance domains.


  • Underwriting

  • Premium and Loss calculations and recordings

  • Claims

  • Actuarial Earnings and calculations

  • Reinsurance – Ceded Premium/Loss

  • Statutory and Statistical earning and calculations


Our goal primarily has been to automate complex processes and workflows using state of the art technologies to ease system and application acceptability, monitoring and scaling out for future needs. We excel in providing analytical services integrating with tools like Informatica PowerCenter, BI, and traditional OLAP and OLTP RDBMS.


We offer services around the next generation of analytics using Deep Learning and Machine Learning for data residing in traditional OLAP and OLTP RDBMS for premium/actuarial calculations and claims processing.


We are specialized in business process automation & technology modernization across OSS & BSS layer. Connect us for our exclusive portfolio services to know how our teams have been leading project implementations which made operators save millions of dollars Opex.

Banking & Finance

We work with client to achieve, maintain and optimize Open-Banking compliance and add automation workflows to fit internal organizational KPAs.


Our team has over 2 decades of designing and operating data lakes which helps integrate departmental silos and provides single unified decision support system to be built on intelligent self maintained enterprise data Lake.


In Finance world we are known as The Secret Source Chef, We are one of specialized service teams who comes in to build special and personalized services with your own team and handles full ownership back on the way out.


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