A nationwide hospital group within USA, with 25+ locations, was struggling to modernize the adoption of IoMT devices due to their federated infrastructure. Patient Vitals harbored across multiple sites and multiple manufacturers. In addition, disintegrated departments within each hospital location led to delays in knowledge transfer, creating another siloed sub-structure for Patient Health Information (PHI).

  • Different communication protocols in devices from the same manufacturer
  • Cognitive bandwidth consumed in manually entering vital reads into E-HR due to proprietary limitations
  • Asynchronous manual data entry for patients added clinical risks
  • Cognitive bandwidth spent in addressing clinically irrelevant alarms
  • Lack of a TRUE AGGREGATOR PLATFORM due to manufacturer centric ecosystems
Solution - HOOVER

Our phased solution commenced with bedside GE monitors as it was a widely used medical device across ICUs, Emergency Departments and other Critical Care units. This was one of the most complex problems as it entailed a rigid and a non-unified communication protocol.

  • Successfully parsed both; HSDI (Proprietary) & IHE-WCM (Waveform Content Module) protocol
  • Deciphered, categorized & streamed in near real-time to store patient data
  • Developed advance capability to read, store and analyze waveforms (ECG, PPG, etc.) from the devices versus relying on intermittent numerical vitals

2nd phase of solution :

  • Map this data based on Bed ID to actual patient’s ADT records (Admit, Transfer and Discharge), adhering to stringent HIPAA compliance
  • Sending mapped data to a widely used EHR System – EPIC
  • Medical experts attested direct and continuous waveform feed to be of higher quality of data for better clinical pathways
  • Successfully enabled and validated end-to-end life cycle of patient vitals, captured by the devices, received by our platform at various frequencies
  • Patient vitals were parsed, categorized, mapped and transmitted in near real time to critical partner systems like EPIC

3rd phase of solution :

  • Enable contextual alerting based on individualized patient demographic and history using advanced algorithms and storage solutions
  • Provide cutting-edge capability for simultaneous storing and indexing, reducing latency to achieve near real-time alerting
  • Add multiple devices and integrate remote patient monitoring using adaptive lossless ingestion system for unreliable and limited bandwidth public connectivity networks
Solution Overview

The Hospital group saved over 30% of time and effort of highly qualified workforce

Medical experts enhanced their clinical pathways with higher precision vitals which actively assisted in early detection diagnosis

Medical experts have a consolidated view of patient vitals, medications, lab tests, and can analyze pre and post medication vitals

The Hospital group can use a license-free scalable storage to capture patient journeys. These can be used for clinical research and other commercial purposes

Successfully enabled a cross-platform, multiple data feed, near real-time solution with lossless, high precision and secure offline storage