Decades of Experience in Devising, Nurturing and Honing Data

Building domain agnostic, scalable and open solutions centered on business logic.


Continuous process of Curating, Calibrating & Cleansing data, separating noise from signals.

Hone Interpretation

Refining Data Signals, Human-intelligence-in-loop, Driving High-Value Decisions, Identifying risk & opportunities.


Build a grounds up platform to aggregate and harmonize patient data across industry standard GE, Phillips and other state-of-the-art IOT devices.​

Solve complexity to unify cross-platform, legacy systems, disbanded data to deliver seamless and lossless patient journeys.

Preserve client autonomy over management and their use of advance Research & Monitoring capabilities.​

Diagram showing flow of aviation specific event processing

Post-Covid borderless offices and opportunistic global acquisitions led to newer challenges of compliance and audit.​

High-scale impact due to integrated systems, cross-functional departments and multiple hubs in group companies.​​

Solution to automate audit and remediate scaled actions while preserving regulatory compliance.​

Diagram showing flow of telecom specific event processing to create compliance insights

Decades of Telecom industry experience building scalable compliance solutions serving Telecom operators and government agencies across US, UK & Asia-Pacific.

Solved challenges through Automated Triaging & Secure Disclosure for legal requests with multi-faceted workflows.

Handled nationwide simultaneous unstructured data feeds, real-time indexing & alerting for targeted and mass-scale contextual profiling.


Top-Notch Analytics Experience, National Defense to FAANG, Decades into Data Platforms.​


Tradecraft in Data Synthesis & Decision Workflow. Data Science & Analytics in DNA. ​

Open Core Technical Expertise
Centralized Security (Identity & Access)
Distributed Transactional Compute
Enterprise Application Core Platforms
Modern, Cross platform User Interface
Data Ingestion, Integration & Transnational Flow Management
DSL based High level Business Rules Engine (DMN standard)
Storage (High density, lineage, meta data, multi tier, distributed etc)
Self-service explorations via industry standard SQL interface. BI tool support
Cross department Multi-user Control & Governance
Intelligent Operational Health & Monitoring for lowest maintenance, capacity planning & cost visibility
Case Studies